Roofing and Chimney Rebuilds Dublin


Protech roofing constructions.

Reroofing, re-slating etc. We take care of general roofing problems. Replacement and repair of ridge tiles, slates, lead flashing, chimney repairs and maintenance etc. Also repairing and replacing gutters and down pipes etc.

chimney rebuild dublin
Chimney Stack Rebuild
This chimney repair, started with the stack, which had to be partially rebuilt from the stinging coarse with a new top blocking and 2no 200mm I.D. x 300mm high chimney pots.
The pointing of the chimney brickwork has been reinstated with a sand/white cement gauge mortar to match the pointing to the gable end elevation of the house.

Charming Chimneys

Protech are committed to restoring and upgrading chimneys to ensure that they function well and look great. As part of our comprehensive range of roof repairs we provide tailored advice and practical solutions for your chimney.In addition to inserting ventilation features, we offer the following services:
~ Re-pointing              ~ Flaunching              ~ Rendering


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