Brick / Stone Restoration Dublin

Protech Restoration are restoration specialists. With over 25 Years experience in the building Trade, Restoring the Past, and Building the future.

Where any type of masonry has been damaged, worn or become unsafe over time restoration is often required.

The type of restoration to be carried out depends entirely on the nature of the damage, the age, condition and status of the building, as well as affordability and the overall finish envisioned.

Restoring and conserving cathedrals, churches, castles, estates, public buildings and private properties is our specialist skill. This level of restoration experience enables us to offer advice and assistance at all stages from ideas to completion. Let us take the stress out of your Restoration project with a wealth of knowledge in Restoration you can rest assured that our one point of contact will leave you to take care of your normal day to day lives.

Protech use the latest chemical technology to remove all manner of paint and graffiti from brick and stone.
Pointing is the mortar ‘joint’ between bricks or stone in a wall and is integral to its strength and support. Over time, mortar can erode or crumble, leaving a wall weaker and usually unsightly, and in many cases can lead to internal damp problems.

We can patch point small areas, or carry out works to whole walls or buildings. We can carry out analysis of existing mortar to recommend a repair material that is a suitable match for the works being carried out.

Re-pointing works are carried out using various techniques depending on the existing pointing, the type/age/location of the property and clients individual requirements. We are skilled in various methods of re-pointing, including the use of traditional lime mortars and gun applied techniques.

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